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10/21/09 - Writing Words of Wisdom - Make Time, But Don't Sweat It

Writers are obsessive. Have you noticed? All of them, at least a little bit.

That's why I have such a problem when things are getting in the way. I don't HAVE to write every day, I'm not that anal a writer, but if I have something I need or want to do and life just doesn't let me get to it. Major frustration. It isn't pleasant.

I've found ways around this...other than not sleeping. Just little things that let me accomplish at least something while I handle all the other stuff. I take a train to work so I write on my PDA or even paper, at work I'll jot something down at lunchtime...or send myself an email when I get an idea I don't want to lose.

The steps don't need to be huge ones just something to keep you in so you don't feel like it's slipping away. That can be a depressing feeling. I have so many deadlines looming and I never seem to be at a point where I can get things done in advance...I'm always scrambling at the end...or beyond. I've been lucky. I seem to write rather well under that kind of pressure, but damn, it doesn't leave much time for editing.

Do what you can but don't make yourself nuts if writing time turns into something else. You can't help it, you can't avoid it, just get the other stuff done so you can do what's driving you.

I know...short, sweet...but I have writing to do!!!

Today's Question: What's the most obsessive step you've taken to write?

For me, I used to get so caught up in what I was writing on the train that I would continue to write on my PDA as I walked...through NYC...drove Mike NUTS!
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